Our Memories

Spencer really enjoyed taking part in Come Dine with Me, and embraced every moment of his participation in the show; he became friends with the other contestants and was held in high regard by the production team. Everyone, including his friends and family were in shock at the revelations of his own physical health. He was a cheerful chap and would encourage all to live their life to the full and cherish every moment.

Gill Buley

My night was the Monday, and I tried my very hardest to get out of it, to get my date moved. I think Monday is the worst night because the other contestants really are complete and utter strangers. The night was a disaster but I think I covered it up well. I forgot to serve any vegetables as listed on my menu, forgot the garnish and forgot to add the brandy and to flambé my Stroganoff, which was far too watery, so I tried to rescue it with gravy granules - oops. Everything was delayed as I was running behind time. I even mispronounced the Champagne!  I was dead nervous about the others rummaging through my stuff in my bedroom – glutton for punishment!

When I met Spencer I first recall his amazing blue eyes and he had a wonderful personality that put me at ease (I think he looks a little like Oliver Reed). Throughout the week he made me giggle, he just seemed to give me a look; you know that look that says we are both on the same wavelength and seem to know what each other is thinking!  He was very outspoken and at times would air his opinions in a slightly less diplomatic way than I, but his cheekiness meant he got away with it.  He was a very special man and I enjoyed having him in my life, even for a short period of time.  I will truly miss him. Please, please, please help us to make a difference for others.

Richard Carpenter

My night was on Wednesday and as I had met every one, I was really nervous about my evening, hoping that it would go as smoothly as the two previous evenings. There was much to be done and the time just went so fast. The cats attacked the pudding and I forgot to put the dessertspoons on the table and didn’t realise until my guests couldn’t eat their dessert!  By half way through the night I felt exhausted, thank god we were all friends by now and all my mistakes would hopefully be forgiven.

The first time I met Spencer, at Gill's, I knew that I would like him instantly as he had a way of making you feel at ease, and he had a good sense of humor. As the week went on we had a really good time as he could be very funny indeed. On his evening he made every one of us feel so welcome, he was well travelled and had some great stories to tell. He was the perfect host. I thought that we were going to be friends for a long time, but sadly is was not to be and we will all miss him dearly.

Gabrielle Hennig

I didn't really know what I was letting myself in for, as I've never watched Come Dine With Me!

I received a letter to say that they were filming in our area, thought it was a wind-up, gave the number a ring and suddenly found myself having to create a menu, meet four strangers and present my home to National Television.

Something told me to back out but I knew I'd regret not taking part, so I gave it a try and embraced the moment!  I now have three close friends, and lovely memories of the most hectic week of my life, although all tinged with sadness that dear Spencer has since died.

It’s been a real eye opener in so many ways, and a year has passed since filming to going out on air.  I nervously waited to see how we would appear and how television presents us.

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