About Pancreatic Cancer

One in three people in the UK will develop cancer at some point in their lives with the risk increasing with age. Many cancers are now curable but even those which cannot be cured can often be controlled, with treatment, for months or sometimes years. Sadly, pancreatic cancer is very difficult to diagnose and is often found too late for any curative treatment. Early symptoms can be vague, such as abdominal pain, weight loss or jaundice but most abdominal pain is not caused by pancreatic cancer. If a diagnosis is made before the cancer has spread, surgery may be possible to provide a cure. Treatment with chemotherapy is sometimes an option to slow the progress of the disease, but on its own this cannot remove all the cancer. Many people with pancreatic cancer will not be able to receive any active treatment but will receive supportive care to control symptoms. For this reason, research into ways to detect pancreatic cancer earlier and into better treatment methods once the diagnosis is made, is needed to provide more hope for the future. For those who are facing cancer now we aim to provide a positive environment where they, and their families, can be well cared for, treated, and supported.


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