A warm welcome to Come Dine For Spencer

A website and charity that has been formed by a team of ‘Come Dine with Me’ contestants with a sad story, seeking your support to make a difference to Cancer patients, whilst having some fun at the same time.

Please help us to promote this charity by printing off our A4 size poster for your community/works notice board.

How YOU can take part

So, you have watched the show and shouted out, ‘I can do a better than that!’  Well this is your opportunity to prove it, to host YOUR very own ‘Come Dine For Spencer’ evening and raise money for Cancer.

Invite your friends and family, cook them a delicious meal and ask them to make a contribution to our charity, the value of their contribution is dependent on the score they give you.  Download our scorecards and ask them to score your meal.  Whatever they score is their personal donation to our charity, so a score of 8 would equal £8.00. Ensure they play fair though!

Consider making it a group effort. Ask your guests to return the favour and invite the same group to a follow-up ‘Come Dine For Spencer’ evening at theirs, where you get to score them.  That’s when the competition really starts heating up.

Make it fun, and maybe consider a theme for your dinner party. We are big fans of Paella and Pyjama Parties, with a large jug of sangria!

How about a Mexican Night, Tapas Night, Italian, French, American cuisine, the list is endless, incorporate a Murder Mystery or even a Karaoke competition.

We plan to keep this charity site ongoing, for at least the next year or two, so BBQ’s in the summer could be considered too.

You could replicate a ‘Come Dine with Me’ menu, as cooked by a contestant of the show; demonstrate how it should be done, with a touch of your own creative flair!

Share your Dinner party info with Come Dine with Me

Anyone who’s hosted a dinner party and taken some snaps can come to the site and create their own mini CDWM episode to share with their friends, complete with Dave Lamb voiceover.

All the episodes submitted to the site are automatically entered into a competition to win amazing prizes. The first prize is a Siemens fridge freezer.

Take a look here  http://dine.channel4.com

Other fundraising ideas

So you would like to take part but you don’t want to host a Dinner Party, here are some other fund raising ideas:

  • Bake some Cakes or Biscuits and sell them to your community.
  • Have a dress down day at work or school.
  • Have a Wellington boot day at school, decorate them and have a competition and a prize for the winner.
  • Stitch up your boss or teacher – throw wet sponges at them and charge per sponge.
  • Shave your head or wax your legs or chest for cash
  • Give something up for the day or a week.  Go without cigarettes, Chocolate or Biscuits.
  • A Sponsored car wash
  • Hold a Quiz Night.
  • Have an eating challenge a la I’m a Celebrity Get Me out of here!
  • Guess the Baby competition
  • A sponsored walk/run/bike ride, football or rugby tournament.
  • Do a Sky Dive.
  • Have an Auction or Auction unwanted gifts on Ebay.
  • Or simply make a donation.

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